David Tyson Lighting, Inc.
Service Maximus

P.2 Common Base Sizes
P.3 A15 & A19 Lamps
P.4 A21 & A 23 Lamps
P.5 PS25 & PS35 Lamps
P.6 G12, G16-1/2, G25 Globes
P.7 G40 Globe Lamps
P.8 Torpedo & Flame Lamps
P.9 R14 & R16 Flood Lamps
P.10 R20 & R30 Flood Lamps
P.11 BR40 Flood Lamps
P.12 ER30 & ER 40 Lamps
P.13 BR38 Flood Lamps
P.14 Heat Lamps
P.15 Coated Lamps
P.16 Specialty Par Lamps
P.17 C-7, C-9 and S-6 Lamps
P.18 S-11 & S-14 Lamps
P.19 T-6, T6-1/2, T-8 Lamps
P.20 T6-1/2, T10 & Halogen A's
P.21 MR11, MR16, T-3, T-4
P.22 T-3, & JDR Halogen Lamps
P.23 JD, KX, DC, MC, PAR16, PAR20
P.24 Par30 & PAR38 Halogens
P.25 2-Pin Compact Fluorescents
P.26 2-Pin Compact Fluorescents
P.27 4-Pin Compact Fluorescents
P.28 4-Pin Compact Fluorescents
P.29 4-Pin Compact Fluorescents
P.30 4-Pin Compact Fluorescents
P.31 Flourescent Retrofits
P.32 T5 & T8 Preheat Fluorescents
P.33 T9 & T12 Fluorescents
P.34 T12 Single Pin Fluorescents
P.35 T12 High Output Fluorescents
P.36 T8 Electronic Fluorescents
P.37 T8 & T12 U Bend Fluorescents
P.38 T8 & T12 Appliance Lamps
P.39 Metal Halide Warning
P.40 Enclosed Rated Metal Halide
P.41 Open Rated Metal Halide
P.42 Mogul Base Metal Halide
P.43 Reduced Jacket Metal Halide
P.44 MV & HPS Warnings
P.45 Medium Base HPS
P.46 Mogul Base HPS
P.47 Mercury Vapor Lamps
P.48 Emergency/Exit Signs
P.49 Exit Combos & Batteries
P.50 Ballasts & Starters
P.51 McGill Pole Changers
P.52 Unger Pole Changers
P.53 Miniature Lamps
P.54 Flashlights, Photo Lamps
P.55 Stage & Studio Lamps
P.56 Aisle Lighting
P.57 CF Cross Reference
P.58 CF Cross Reference
P.59 CF Cross Reference
P.60 Flourescent Cross Reference
P.61 MH Cross Reference
P.62 HPS & MV Cross Reference